SEA Aquarium, Keppel Bay

I am overwhelmed by the kindness that I’ve received from some of the exchange friends I’ve met in Singapore when it came to me trying to find out more for my own exchange to France next Jan. Some of them are even kinder than Singaporeans I’ve met. Very inspiring people!

Over the different encounters I’ve had in and around Singapore, my photography skills have improved (I believe). Can’t wait to get my hands on a DSLR so I can actually shoot for real. Saving up, saving up. Hope I can save up enough in time to reward myself on my 21st birthday in a half a month’s time.


11 Oct 2013

On this very day, I was brought to SEA Aquarium at Sentosa on my birthday. I count myself lucky to have my birthdays fall on recess week in University. ^^

IMG_8159 IMG_8162

It’s unedited. I love our silhouette and the illuminating waters at the backdrop.

jellyfish Collage


Jellyfishes under different light conditions. This place remind me of River Safari. They have a similar concept

Our magical hideout at Keppel Bay. It’s the only accessible place you can go to catch a glimpse of yachts in Singapore. It’s a walk from Vivocity, and it’s not an easy path for those unfamiliar with the area. Hit me up if you really need directions to come here!

IMG_8228edit IMG_8226

I feel pretty in these pictures haha.


Him being entranced by the sunset. Told you this place is magical.


Yachts and more yachts.

Cafe at the end of the path. On lucky days, you can get to catch fireworks from Sentosa! The bridge that you cross en route features an undisturbed view of Keppel Bay and overlooks Sentosa. Come in the evenings!

IMG_8246 IMG_8258 IMG_8259 IMG_8266


This was the place with many fond memories. I hope you find magic in discovering this little hideout too!


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