Bangkok & KL, Malaysia (Dec 2013)

15-19 Dec 2013

things to equip yourself for when going shopping at BKK:

1) measurements

because of the no trying policy at the wholesale shops.

Shoulder 15.5 inch
Arm hole (whole round) 19
(Below arm pit) Bust 34.5/ 17.5 across
Waist 27/ 14 across
Hip 35/ 17.5 across
Shoulder to base 30

2) things to buy

Belt- black, floral dress, navy dress, orange, yellow, white jeans
Formal presentation
Hair tie, band
Gym attire
Shoes- to match navy, wood, pastel, maroon maxi skirt

3) shortcut to conversion
kl (malaysia)-2.55

bkk (thailand)-25.5

4) money!
i saved $790 all year for my year end trip. I spent $781 or less this whole trip. Used up all my baht, some remaining ringgit. proud of myself.

for the breakdown of my expenditure:

-sg-kl JETSTAR 36 sgd
-kl-bkk AIRASIA 103.75 sgd
-bkk-sg TIGERAIR 114.34 sgd + check in luggage 20kg 10 sgd
-kl hotel HOTEL SENTRAL 54.9 sgd
-bkk hotel ECOTEL 48.14 sgd
total= $367.13


$100 sgd for kl
$314 sgd for bkk

my total loots from bkk comprises of:

2013-12-20 13.23.45-1

8 dresses
1 romper
11 tops
1 cardigan
1 blazer
7 bottoms- 5 skirts 2 shorts
4 bags
5 belts
1 necklace
2 bra straps

Day 1 KL

boulering at camp 5 ($7 per entry)

to our astonishment, we travelled exactly on 15 dec just last year!

lots of nostalgia as we visited 1 utama and ate at the same restaurants again- xu liu shan and lavender. made me miss the days when we were in kl as a batch.

what was different was us travelling by air this time. visited the kl airport for the first time, took their high speed railway train for the first time too! the train reminded me of harry potter. the ticket was expensive though- $14!

2013-12-15 11.20.24 2013-12-15 11.22.192013-12-15 11.23.51

famished to death as we waited forever for our food @ 1.20pm.

2013-12-15 13.20.24-3

the only exasperating thing that happened today was waiting for a long time for the taxi to take us back to the hotel. we were bereft of energy after climbing from 2-8pm. only reached the hotel at 11.15pm and checked in then.

2013-12-15 23.20.29
the room number the same as my birth date! it offered a spectacular sun rise (2nd picture) and sun set (1st picture) view too.

2013-12-16 07.59.41edit2013-12-17 07.11.07

Day 2 KL

Bukit Tabur


this is the address to bukit tabur (formerly known as Jeram):
Jalan damansara > mahameru hwy > Jalan pahang > Jalan genting kelang > (after the entrance of zoo negara) >
(bulatan mas roundabout) > Jalan taman melawati > puncak niaga facility/ Klang gates dam

by LRT: Wang sa maju.

woke up bright and early to leave hotel at 8am to travel to bukit tabur. started hike at 9. was worried on the way up that we got the place wrong. later on in the taxi we were worried we will not be able to walk all the way down because it’s quite a journey up even by taxi. thank heavens we met a malaysian chinese couple who drove and offered to drive us down after the hike. we hiked together with them. really counting our blessings there and then.

finished half the total hike (7 out of 14 checkpoints) at 10am. they were surprised to see us young singaporeans coming to kl to hike. waited for the hiker to finish their journey at 12pm before making our way back to the hotel. shower and napped. left for bukit bintang at 4pm.

Bukit Bintang

with excess $ to spend, we decided to pamper ourselves in this quaint japanese bakery. love the interior design and the food. service was excellent too (compared to the rest of KL)

2013-12-16 17.28.17 2013-12-16 17.30.332013-12-16 17.18.312013-12-16 17.18.412013-12-16 17.18.532013-12-16 17.26.572013-12-16 17.27.43

2013-12-16 17.34.10

2013-12-16 22.15.06

treated ourselves to even more luxurious food at watami casual restaurant, for $14 per person for our 5-course value set meal.


so much green tea goodness, from green tea latte at the bakery and green tea tiramisu + macha ice cream from dinner.

hung around til 10pm at tom dick harry’s bar for magner cider and (mini) stout. sorry i’m such a spoilsport and can’t let you enjoy your drink without rushing. :/

2013-12-16 21.25.28edit

Day 3 KL-BKK

feeling like we have too much time with too little things to do in kl, we wished we could spend this day in bkk instead.

took a bus direct to lcct (low cost carrier terminal). after a 1h journey, we reached the airport. wished the journey was longer ‘cuz it was super comfortable for sleeping. i would sleep on a journey like this BUT there was jackie chan’s CZ12 showing on tv.

checked in with air asia’s self-help kiosk which i must applaud for their technology because of the time shaved off from queuing to check in.

2013-12-17 11.31.43edit

raging with fire as the flight was delayed by an hour. was slated to leave at 1.15pm and arrive that’s an hour off my bkk time 😡 we reached bkk only at 4pm (3pm bkk time).

we decided to go straight to union mall with our luggages so as to save on travelling time. started shopping proper only at 6pm (bkk time) after getting our sim card fixed to contact rod & charles, as they arrived an hour later than us. costed us $6 for a 7 day unlimited data sim card.

observed an interesting way for guys try on clothes, where they wear a cloth over while changing in public, to save on changing room space. WL was embarrassed when he first did that.

2013-12-17 17.17.45

shopped til 8pm. spent an entire hour on 1 level so we didn’t cover the whole mall. on hindsight, i’ve been ripped! a dress i bought for 250 baht was selling at 180 at platinum mall and 120 at pratunam morning market!

only when we left that we realize how cold bkk was! totally caught off guard. temperature was 25 degrees at night.

1531635_10202205922563439_1097626976_n 1525674_10202205922923448_1666857488_n

after checking in at 9.30pm, rushed down to eat famous pad thai at pratu phi.2013-12-17 22.11.211527067_10202205921723418_1068124811_n 1530452_10202205922083427_1115008059_n

true to its reputation, it was sweet and delicious. portion was little but it was wrapped in egg omelette, the way i like it! spent $6 on the drinks and pad thai. worth a try for all travellers of bkk!

not wanting the night to go to waste, we headed over to kao san for the night life. rod & charles were stopping to buy their street food each time i stop to look at clothes. LOL.


the guys wanted to chill with drinks and listen to live music so there we are- 3 beers and a girl.

1526476_10202195076132285_1687336126_n 1460066_10202205920283382_1873349600_n

went back at 1am. pratunam morning market plans were cancelled because we value sleep.

Day 4 BKK

set off at 9.30am and headed to a supposed famous stall for wanton mee.

2013-12-18 10.19.21
looks better than it tastes though.

Shopped at platinum until 4pm. this was what i got myself into after just 4h of shopping.

2013-12-18 14.51.56

late lunch opp mall for duck noodle followed by to the hotel to deposit our barang barang.


5.30pm took bts to siam.


Guys went massage here. 250 baht for 1h, std price everywhere.

2013-12-18 18.30.32

9pm spent $8 on thai dinner @ som tam. pity there’s no pineapple fried rice.

2013-12-18 20.57.41

10pm took bts to thong lo for mango sticky rice (finally!). quite a disappointment as the streets were filled with food only and nothing else much.

2013-12-18 21.59.09 2013-12-18 22.03.10 2013-12-18 22.03.222013-12-18 22.09.11

12am walked around our hotel vicinity. greedy rod bought a chicken stick and had a stray dog follow him all the way to our hotel.

2013-12-19 00.15.08 2013-12-19 00.09.23

interestingly we saw cleaners wearing aprons clearing up the streets. answered my question on how the streets are never as dirty as they appear in the day. also saw a rubbish truck clearing out rubbish. not usual sights in the day.

2am KO after packing everything

day 5 BKK

supposed to meet at 6am. ended up waking at 6.30am. morning was cold cold cold!

2013-12-19 00.03.31

left for pratunam morning market at 7am. bustling streets like bugis street except less stuffy. with what little money i have left, bought some more clothes. This is a morning market, so it makes sense to sacrifice our sleep. Found out that most of the clothes there are sold in Platinum, so I’d rather have the luxury of time and space to browse through the same kind of clothes. But if you’re into wholesale, then this market is for you!

saw some street rally live!

2013-12-19 10.25.562013-12-19 10.30.272013-12-19 10.32.572013-12-19 10.32.39

it looked like a carnival more than a rally, with people along the streets snapping pictures and videos. well, i did both. haha.

10.30am went back hotel to pack and sleep (for the last time).
12pm checked out, continued shopping at platinum. this time wl did the shopping
2pm lunch at platinum food court.

2013-12-19 14.14.50
photo with my all time favourite.

2.45pm rushed to hotel to collect luggage! Ran to bts with our 3 burdens aka luggage. Quite a sight to behold for onlookers, i guess.

3.45 reached airport. Flight delayed. only got up at 7pm instead of 5pm. got front row seats! supposed to pay for more legroom at the front but we got it for free!

9pm (10pm sg time) reached sg 😦

12am reached home.

PHEW. long post. but i guess i covered it all. i like to think i can qualify to be a travel writer. i might have scrimped on place/ food reviews and exact locations though. Send me a message if you need more information


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