Bali, Indonesia (June 2012)

Here are some of my favourite self-taken pictures of Bali sights!

It’s unedited.

Sunrise by the beach of Tanjung Benoa beach (the beach behind my hotel):


Sunrise by the breakwater of Tanjung Benoa beach:


View from atop the cliff @ Tanah Lot Temple:


View from another angle:


Needless to say, my first vacation that I fully paid for at my own expense has been thoroughly laidback and enjoyable! 

Upon arrival @ Bali Relaxing Resort & Spa… We chanced upon this hotel on Needless to say, it was cheaper than average! The best part about this hotel is, directly behind is a beach! We took really picturesque sunrise and sunset photos.

IMG_1925 A-IMG_1926 A-IMG_1927

Jet Ski.

A-IMG_1975 A-IMG_1979

JImbaran Beach; Seafood dinner accompanied by sunset.

A-IMG_2078 A-IMG_2079 AIMG_2150A-IMG_2098 A-IMG_2099 A-IMG_2100 A-IMG_2101 A-IMG_2104

WHITE WATER RAFTING! Clear water, sandwiched by flora and fauna, blue skies. Nothing could be better.
Hummed ~If happy ever after did exist~ throughout the ride. ^^ It was this moment that I decided I want to migrate to Bali..!

IMG_2240 A-IMG_2232 IMG_2235


I was recommended a personal driver who ferried us around the different viewpoints of Bali. He was really patient with us. Hit me up if you want his contact

@Tanah Lot Temple

In the middle of grassland.


Scattered ladies (and our driver).

A-IMG_0445 A-IMG_0446 IMG_2596

Vast blue sea…


… & Vast blue sky. (I’m madly in love with Bali’s sky.)




Want to adopt this cute little bugger as pet!

IMG_2564 IMG_2559 IMG_2560

From left to right: Father, mother, son. For real!


IMG_2567 IMG_2568

@ Uluwatu Beach.

A-IMG_2672 A-IMG_2647 A-IMG_2649

Love this family portrait with rice terraces at the background! My next desktop wallpaper. 😀 This was taken where we had a civet cat coffee tour around the plantation.


& this! With a view overlooking Mount Batur.


Wondering what Mount Batur is? Here’s how it looks:


Pity it was misty that afternoon with clouds overhead that are full with water droplets, hence the unclear vision of the renowned mountain…


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