Botanic Gardens

Some of my favourite shots from the date to Botanic Gardens on 30 April 2014!IMG_8922 IMG_8906


IMG_8882 IMG_8844 IMG_8839  IMG_8893


Had lunch @ La Petit Cuisine, a French bistro, prior to the visit.


IMG_8799  IMG_8789 IMG_8794 IMG_8797

P.S. I write reviews on TheSmartLocal. Check it out in the link!

This was followed by dessert @ Island Creamery, because I don’t want to deny him his fond memories and cravings. :]IMG_8802 IMG_8801


Teaser photos below:

IMG_8843 IMG_8838

I like how I can capture his (attempted) charming side of him:

IMG_8829 IMG_8858

Favourite couple shots:

IMG_8910 IMG_8888

The weather in Singapore is scorching hot, as always, but I have much to thank that the weather that day was cloudier than usual. Don’t be fooled by our demeanour, we were slightly peeved from the humidity of the outdoors!

That being said, I would relive such days over and over if it means more memories to create. 🙂

Be sure to check out our 1 May date to the (non-existent) Tanjong Pagar railway tracks!


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