Punggol Waterway

20 May 2014

This was the chosen location for this weekend’s rendezvous.


I love dates like these, doing my favourite things- explore, be in touch with nature, be active, take photos, and with the favourite person.


Punggol is one place really far away from my home. Which is why it took me this long to finally strike it off my bucketlist. I took slightly more than an hour to reach the Waterway.


Unfortunately, the rental of bicycles were unavailable until July 2014, hence we went on foot. On the other hand, it allowed us to appreciate the finer things and run around in the grass plains!

IMG_9429IMG_9397 IMG_9404 IMG_9256
What squatting can give you-strong quads!  IMG_9418  IMG_9468
The golden rays.

IMG_9484  IMG_9507 IMG_9402  IMG_9515



Some of my favourite photos above. All unedited. We ended off with an accidental discovery of this cafe, Bacon & Booze. Famished by the time we reached here at 8pm.

IMG_9541 IMG_9536 IMG_9539

We chanced upon a stable with horses!

IMG_9548  IMG_9544

Had our evening stroll by the sea. Saw lots of people fishing, an undeveloped row of shops, with the evening cool breeze. I’d want to do retire every night with a park like this. How relaxing.


There was so many more pathways to explore but because we were bound by time, we will leave the exploration to a next time…

Feeling gratified with yet another album of a wonderful encounter with nature. ❤


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