Henderson Waves, Southern Ridges, Mount Faber, Alexandra Arch, Kent Ridge Park, Hortpark

Reposting this from my personal blog specially for my (recently made) exchange friends here in Singapore.


19 July 2013

2013-07-15 15.42.02

Such a cute place where we had brunch at! Situated at East Coast Road. I couldn’t resist taking pictures of their interior. It’s so wonderfully decorated. The signs are so colourful. I want to get one too!

2013-07-15 11.08.41 2013-07-15 11.03.50 2013-07-15 10.58.52 2013-07-15 10.57.50 2013-07-15 10.56.48 2013-07-15 10.56.08

We walked from Kent Ridge Park > Hortpark > Alexandra Arch > Southern Ridges > Henderson Waves > Mount Faber. Started our journey at 1. Took 4 solid hours to cover ground of 5.23km. Lots of green, lots of photo-taking. Both favourite hobbies of mine. We were both busy trying to hone our photo-taking skills. Below are some of my favourite pictures!
2013-07-15 13.10.30
At the beginning of our trek; Kent Ridge Park

2013-07-15 16.17.39
Mirror in the female toilet atop Mount Faber

2013-07-15 14.14.46 2013-07-15 13.45.07 2013-07-15 14.12.402013-07-15 14.50.09
outhern Ridges

2013-07-15 13.41.27 2013-07-15 13.19.56  2013-07-15 13.19.32 2013-07-15 13.15.23

2013-07-15 15.43.07 2013-07-15 15.37.18-1 2013-07-15 14.47.59
enderson Waves

From Mount Faber, there is a path you can walk which leads you directly to Vivocity. I tried walking upwards from Vivocity to Mount Faber but I couldn’t find the path. It’s quite hidden so you got to peel your eyes open for the signage!

Remember to bring insect repellent and camera along if you are prepared to walk as far as I did! Places like Kent Ridge Park and Hortpark are less popular so you can walk into a mosquito hotspot.

Famished, we rewarded ourselves with Ichiban for dinner at 5.30pm.

2013-07-15 17.28.06 2013-07-15 17.28.54

Summer’s unforgettable when you spend the time doing things you love with people you enjoy being with.



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