Am ultra proud of myself for completing my first half marathon! 2nd year with 2XU.

2013-03-31 16.29.12

Experienced a small glitch at the beginning. Daniel, who didn’t sign up for the run, was refused entry at the start point. Just when I was resigned to the fact that I had to run myself, he appeared miraculously beside me! Was astounded how he managed to find me despite the dark and everyone looking the same as I do!

Flagged off at 5.40am. Ran pitch black for the hour and a half, with the streetlights illuminating the way. The sun did not come out until my last 5km. Despite the dark, the air was humid.

It’d been a breeze for the first 16km. I thought I could sustain my run for the whole 21km but at the 17km mark, I walked…

 2013-03-31 16.27.34

Throughout, I tried different methods to distract myself (& my knee). Like reciting my MC pitch, singing my favourite songs, telling myself only when my muscles cry in pain will my mind take over, chanting encouraging words to myself.

The 2h didn’t feel like 2h. I’m so glad I had my Wednesday morning long runs with Daniel, or I wouldn’t have ran the 17km so effortlessly.

running running1

Am pretty satisfied with the run for the following reasons:

  • spacious roads
  • supportive supporters!
  • nice tee
  • nicer finishing tee!
  • crowd management was good
  • free beer *smirks*
  • new route that doesn’t include running the steep nicoll highway..!
  • spacious resting tent

They could have improved on their:

  • sponsors
  • lesser u-turns (always gives me false hopes). There was at least 3?
  • 100 plus hydration points instead of pocari sweat
  • RIPER bananas

I met my target of 2h 30!!!
7.15min/km strong! (Y)

2013-04-03 16.36.51

Saw plenty of old friends running. Chen Hao, some familiar sec mates… Didn’t manage to catch them after the run though. 

 2013-03-31 08.53.40 2013-03-31 08.46.22 2013-03-31 08.45.42  2013-03-31 08.42.34 

I’ve done my legs proud! 😀


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