River Safari

28 February 2014, Friday.


Him acting all foolish riding a crocodile at the entrance.IMG_8466 IMG_8463 IMG_8465

It was then that we realized that it was the official opening of River Safari and Lee Hsien Long was giving an opening address there together with all the VIPs!

At the entrance of River Safari, we were captivated by the lush green and reservoir. One of my favourite photos!

IMG_8480edit IMG_8527

Who gets bitten by turtles, you tell me?

IMG_8526 IMG_8548 IMG_8535

My favourite animal #1. It’s so furry, it resembles my Otter.

IMG_8555 IMG_8549 IMG_8552 IMG_8558 IMG_8566

Favourite photo #2! Can’t help but admire the vastness of the clean waters, a rare sight in Singapore.


Because tourist food is mega overpriced, we brought our own food. 😛 Let me illustrate with a case in point: $3 for mineral water’; $7 for 7-11’s Slurpee but with less quantity!

2014-02-28 13.08.49

So happy that I expertly got this shot of the sign behind us. When we went, it was  the period where they offered complimentary boat ride. The boat ride lasts for 10 minute tops?IMG_8623

I like the natural light here. Hee.


Taking you through the journey by boat…


Proud of my photo capture with the “River Safari” logo behind us too!


My favourite animal #2, the squirrel monkey! They run so quickly and are so active, it’s hard to capture a decent photo of them.

IMG_8714 IMG_8678 IMG_8688

My most loved photo of the day that sums up our trip at River Safari! Reminds me of the time when we visited S.E.A. at Sentosa.



So there goes my recess week, folks!


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