Krabi, Thailand (June 2013)

So with the help of WL, we organized a SMU Climb Team natural rock climbing trip to Krabi from 11-20 June.


Most of my Krabi photos are on FB. Those posted here have either been omitted from the public eye, or are worth the extra mention.

The view everyday for the past 9 days:

2013-06-14 16.22.58 IMG_7616 IMG_7617 IMG_7618 IMG_7619 IMG_7620


2013-06-15 15.42.50 IMG_7630 IMG_7626IMG_7682 IMG_7683 IMG_7685 IMG_7686

Tonsai Bay Resort.

Tonsai beach is the place to stay and climb in high season. It’s a 5 minute boat ride from Railay beach, or a 20 minute jungle walk. It retains some of the laid back magic of the old days, and is mostly a collection of bamboo style huts. Tonsai Bay Resort is the most luxurious accommodation there at the moment, lying at the base of the cliffs, a minutes walk from the beach.

This website provides more information of the resort we stayed! Although Green Valley offers cheaper accommodation, I wouldn’t exchange that bit of money for more comfort and safety.

The hotel we stayed had significantly less mosquitoes than Green Valley, but don’t bet on it. Bring a repellent wherever you go, especially at night. The electricity go off from 9am to 5pm, so do your business before/ after that period if you want a lit toilet. *chuckles*


IMG_7627 IMG_7628 IMG_7629

 The hut which houses 2 bedrooms at the furthest corner of the resort:
2013-06-16 08.10.55

The pier where we took our long tail boat from Ao Nang to Tonsai:

2013-06-15 18.05.59 2013-06-15 18.28.21 2013-06-15 18.28.29 2013-06-15 18.29.38 2013-06-15 18.29.282013-06-15 18.32.48

Atop at Firewall on Day 2:


Had to climb up slippery slopes of mud and got our palms and feet caked in mud when we reached the top.

The night where we got stranded on Railay West Beach:

2013-06-15 19.03.50

The story goes like this. It was the 4th day of our trip. R&R day. We took a boat to Ao Nang for massage and shopping. It poured several times that day, interrupting our plans. Wasted plenty of time waiting for the rain as a result. Because of the rain, our trip back was delayed. It was getting dark. We feared there wouldn’t be a boat back to Tonsai. With urgency, we made our way to the pier. Thankfully they were still functioning, albeit at jacked up prices. Damp from rain, we took a taxi to another pier. The boat driver refused to drop us at Tonsai, but at Railay. We sucked it up. Equipped with our shopping stash, we made our way from Railay to Tonsai in near blackness (as seen in picture above). Just when we were about to cross the beach to Tonsai, we witnessed the rain clouds and rain from a distance. Doomed, we marched faster toward the beach. Man can never beat nature. The rain splashed mercilessly on us as we made a 180 degree turn back to look for shelter. We ended up at a dilapidated forsaken private area and camped outside the gym while we looked for lights. We thought there were people inside the gym having a candlelight dinner when it was our own reflections. That’s how out of sorts we were.


Fear took over at the fact that the tide may be rising and it’d be impossible for us to cross. Another option would be climbing up the rocky terrain through thick fauna and needless to say, slippery mud. Too dark, too dangerous. Anything could happen in there. WL, Dex & Gary decided to scour the beach to see if we could still cross while the rest of us waited melancholy while piling up our torches, getting ready for evacuation.

After what seemed like an eternity, they returned, safe! They described the situation to us, making us go in pairs and sorting our bags so we have our hands free to balance ourselves on the sharp rocks.

WL made me wear his jacket and with chattering teeth for the fear of unknown, I clasped his hand tightly as we made our way across, pitch black save for the torchlight illuminating our path.

After various ups and downs on the rocks, it didn’t seem as dangerous as it initially sounded. Luckily the rain stopped and vision was clear. We made it through! Saw crabs in the crevices between rocks on the way out. Gave the girls a “we made it” hug and went on to fill our tummies at Mama’s.

Cold, drenched and perilous, but exciting night it was.

Day 8 was our R&R day.
V good weather! Clad in bikini, we walked over from Tonsay beach to railay beach to play. Tanned a bit. Had lunch at 1230 while otw t pranang beach. Nice food. Ordered glass noodle salad + ovaltine (made like Milo dinosaur). Yum. Pranang is cleaner, more touristy, expensive. Visited some temple with lots of big waves, then climbed up cliff to see viewpoint. Lots of high steps. This was made easy because we are climbers. Then we visited a corner of the island where rock climbing lessons are held.

Ending with some of my favourite photos:

983582_10151421848276207_957297364_n 971461_10151421875971207_534875530_n988599_10151421871046207_1362622492_n988483_10200841585555480_1431581079_n1013062_10200841564994966_452503302_n  992956_10151421872076207_1716234354_n1005955_10151421875701207_469910446_n


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