Phuket, Thailand (July 2012)

21-24 July 2012

Phuket came through with much success!

YES! to travelling overseas on my own before Uni starts.

YES! to planning and executing a trip with Adel.

YES! to lots of sand, sea, and sky.

4 day 3 nights, with expenses totaling ~ $450 with the booking of 2 day tours at islands & all the shopping at night bazaars and getting souvenirs back for family. Cost of hotel for 3 nights was $80, price of air ticket by Tiger Airways was $285.

This is the 2nd time I took part in the planning of itinerary (first was the Bali trip this year), and because of really easy-going company, we progressed tremendously well!

Needless to say, there were areas of improvements, and that is to never book an unreliable taxi driver just off the road for a full day trip! They may offer you a superb bargain price to entice you to agreement, only to arrive late for pickup/ refuse to go to places you request/ deport you to expensive eateries just so they earn a commission from them/ dump you in a ghost mall so as to save on fuel/ send you to airport an hour earlier than your required time.  Book one that is recommended or is specialized in doing so. SUMPA (read: I SWEAR!)!

Here are some of the pictures that have left quite an impression for this trip:

Day 1

First picture of the trip! B’fast @ Wang Cafe



Tiger Inn Hotel. Easily identifiable with the cave-looking exterior at the reception. Cheap, clean, comfortable. Only downside is that the air con temperature cannot be adjusted.
IMG_3073 IMG_3092 IMG_3163

On the streets
IMG_3088 IMG_3090

Tuk tuk

First stop after lunch
IMG_3101 IMG_3106 IMG_3122

Highlight of the trip! 50m bungy jump!
IMG_3127 IMG_3128 IMG_3129

 Crepe selling at $2 on roadside stalls, with fresh mango, lime and bananas. Generous with his toppings. Didn’t know Adel was a crepe fan too until then!

IMG_3137IMG_3140 IMG_3139

Coconut drink for a refresher in the hot afternoon!

Booked Raya+Coral island tour with them.

IMG_3149IMG_3145 IMG_3146

 Day 2

Pier to Raya+Coral island
IMG_3173 IMG_3177

IMG_3180 IMG_3182 IMG_3207 IMG_3206 IMG_3209 IMG_3210IMG_3216 IMG_3212 IMG_3217

 IMG_3222 IMG_3233 IMG_3232 IMG_3237 IMG_3249 IMG_3239

 IMG_3251 IMG_3256 IMG_3258 IMG_3259-001IMG_3263 IMG_3264

 Buffet lunch

IMG_3271 IMG_3270

Adel’s mum has got a weakness for mango sticky rice. Until I tasted it, I never knew I had a thing for it too

 Phuket weekend market. All things going cheap. Akin to SG’s Bugis Street or Taiwan’s Shilin Street.

IMG_3321 IMG_3322 IMG_3323 IMG_3324

Day 3

Pier to James Bond island, Hong island and Diamond Cave. Picture-perfect
IMG_3340 IMG_3341

Big boat

Ever wonder what goes on in the kitchen?
IMG_3355IMG_3615 IMG_3616

 IMG_3371 IMG_3370 IMG_3380 IMG_3379

@ Diamond Cave
IMG_3393 IMG_3403IMG_3481

No light, low headroom, stale air
IMG_3413 IMG_3414


@ Hong Island. Serendipity.
IMG_3547 IMG_3549 IMG_3550

Look closely. It’s a pig snout

IMG_3621 IMG_3624

Long awaited buffet spread after a whole morning of island-hopping!

Courageously jumped down from the 2nd storey of the big boat to swim in the deep sea. Highlight of the trip #2.
IMG_3638IMG_3659 IMG_3645

Some game we played to see who could balance longest on the inverted kayak. Needless to say, the Thai won hands down

I took a try at it too. Notice the spectators. Wouldn’t have had the guts had I been with people I know. It’s like standing on stage and I’ve got stage fright. Highlight of the trip #3

Bar top dancing @ Soi Bangla

Day 4

Kanoom Jeen, a local specialty. Who would have thought we would end up eating at a roadside stall (read: unhygienic)? Tasted surprisingly good!
IMG_3690 IMG_3687 IMG_3689IMG_3691


IMG_3737 IMG_3758 IMG_3812 IMG_3863

On cloud nine, literally

IMG_3868 IMG_3874

Chilling time

IMG_3912 IMG_3914

Last meal @ Phuket. Some pampering involved. A Chinese restaurant.


Check this out! Edible mealworms

Photo at the airport, to sum my trip up. Home sweet home.

 Thoroughly enjoyed this trip. Can’t emphasize how proud I am for this trip to pull off. Major thank you to Adel for being so spontaneous, for daring to do the bungee jump, for being accommodating with my budget. If not for you, I would never be caught in a bikini. Haha!

This post is for you!

This marks my 2nd trip in the 8 month interim. Must express my gratitude to many others who’ve made this trip possible. My parents who did not have violent  objections, the weather for being so perfect despite the supposed rainy season.


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