Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (December 2012)

A climbing trip with SMU Climb Team.

Date: 15-18 Dec 2012

Day 1

12mn: 出发! 4 girls, 9 guys. Considering how many sessions I’ve skipped, I barely knew any of them. Heh.

IMG_5895 IMG_5891

Seats were surprisingly comfy!

Talked about AHS and old gossips in the past with Pam. Reached a consensus with her that it’s good to have a girl on every trip to camwhore with.

1240am: chopped pp

IMG_5897 IMG_5901

3am: Our first and only pit stop.

5h drive and there we are! Everywhere was pitch black. We walked through an alley and went through a 7-11 and voila, reached! We climbed a flight of small stairs sandwiched between 2 shops which lead to Paradiso, a bed-and-breakfast hostel. We split into a room of 7 and 6. Charles, Tse Siong, 4 girls and Dong hao shared a room. $24 per night.


Initially afraid of a dirty bed so I slept without stripping with my jacket on the pillow. Woke up at 8 again and after a brief wash up (clean toilets, I’m impressed with the cleanliness and homey feel of this cramped hostel!), we head out to have Wan ton mee/ porridge. RM5.5 for my fish porridge!

IMG_5912IMG_5919 IMG_5914

Went back to hotel, geared up, and left at 9.50am. It was drizzling when we went to get water from 7-11, and we contemplated quite a bit going to Camp 5 or Batu Caves. With the 2 senior girls’ persistence, we headed to BC in droves of 3/ 4 in taxis (RM6). I went with Clement and Dong hao. He got us lost in the middle of some terrace houses.

Then came the daunting downpour. DH went off ahead to check the road out, leaving us in a small food shop. Check out our gloomy faces.


Both of us got stirred because we got stranded. They asked how our “honeymoon” lost walk went. LOL. Not funny.

After waiting for more than 45 mins, we received a text from Pam, and went on our way.

In 2012: IMG_5944

In 2010: 30832_10150195940770696_600410695_12846937_5874129_n

This toilet bowl route is so memorable. WL was belaying me and kept disturbing me, saying i won’t be able to squeeze through ‘cuz of the granola bar i just ate before i climbed. TSK.

Climbed Lightning rod, 25m. Accomplishment for the day. Remember Breyon and Lowe climbing that 2 years before. I wanted to too, but didn’t due to fear. Glad I did it now! WL was my belayer. (Y) I managed to explore the cave (the hole on the right of the route)!

Climbed 6 routes in all. Well done, bel!


It was 6.30pm when we left. Washed up, and out we went for some bak kut teh at 9pm. Interesting concoction of sugarcane drink. WL is a Smurf all right. RM25 for the well-known bak kut teh.

IMG_5989 IMG_5999 IMG_5996IMG_6000

It was 10pm when we left, and all the shops were closed. Even Starbucks. So we (they) settled for supper at Snowflake. Everything was soy based. Yum. But you know I’m not a supper fan, so I skipped. >:D Mark kept tantalizing me with his food, but it didn’t work. 😉

IMG_6009 IMG_6011 IMG_6010

Day 2

Breakfast in the hostel. They have wholemeal bread! More than I expected. Toasted it, spread it with butter/ jam/ sugar. The jam had such a red colouring I thought it was belachan. I believed it and the rest who were there mocked me for being so gullible. Bullied. They served orange juice too. Proper breakfast. A great start to the day!

Bought 2 bananas for RM 2.20. Since then, I kept getting disturbed just ‘cuz i was fond of bananas. They obviously don’t know the energetic effects of bananas…

Initial plan to Volleyball court was cancelled as the place has closed down. Nanyang was our alternative:
IMG_6024 .

This was the overhang route called Outing (6a+) I asked Mel to do but I couldn’t complete because I lacked the strength at the overhang where the toofa was. Sigh. Regret!


The slab wall, Whimper (6a+). I so proudly conquered. Kevin was my belayer. Truly supportive, I like! It became called “Isabel’s route” for the day. Woop woop! Read more in my previous post.

In 2010:

Philip my proud idol.

Got stuck.

32272_10150196908170696_600410695_12874434_2631598_n 32272_10150196908175696_600410695_12874435_6426_n 32272_10150196908185696_600410695_12874436_3952532_n 32272_10150196908215696_600410695_12874438_6605621_n

In 2012:

I was fishing rod(ney) the way Mel was fishing Mich at the same route on Right Decision (6a+). Heehee. Lots of cracks and side pulls. I slipped and swung over to the mossy area and got moss on my shoe. So slimy… :/

IMG_6035 IMG_6038

 ended the day with 3.5 routes. Less than acceptable.

We left at 4 that day because Mel, Mich, Rod had to leave for Singapore. Dinner was posh at The Ship @ 6pm. RM29

IMG_6071 IMG_6042 IMG_6047 IMG_6049

We made fun of Clement because he was the only one who was served with a napkin. He was embarrassed when we kept laughing at him.


IMG_6067 IMG_6069

Bid farewell and off we went looking for a cab to take to One Avenue, our next hotel. 10 of us were fumbling our way in a department store full-fledged with our luggages. What a sight. Haha! This time, Clement and I scurried off into a cab with Charles and WL lest we lose our way with DH again. 😛 They were talking about having skinny and bulky guys pair in one room because they’re sharing a queen-sized bed. Both skinny dudes decided to fend for their lives (I mean, bed space) by pairing with each other. Karma took them and they had to squeeze with Tse Siong the first night there because TS got locked out by DH.

One Avenue, albeit small, was largely more comfortable than our hostel that we were more than satisfied with it. $36 per night.

2012-12-17 02.46.27

Poo-ing would stink the room so Pam went to One Utama, the mall that houses Camp 5, to take a dump instead. Haha!

Supper at 10pm while waiting for the Hobbit movie at 10.30pm. Mango goodness.
IMG_6084 IMG_6074 IMG_6075 IMG_6077

Pam and I were fighting in front of the guys and they found it so entertaining. Something about pillow fight, someone having a small brain and me refusing to eat supper. But of course, deep down we love each other.
Kevin gave me a shock from the side and I jumped (literally). Pam and him kept laughing at how jumpy I was. Tsk. Can’t believe I fell for their trick.

$6 for the movie.


We were playing Heart Attack, a childhood hand game while waiting for the tickets to be bought. Kevin, WL, Pam and I. Kevin got such a heart attack he spit and squirted water onto the floor. HAHAHA. Laughing pangs oh man. Movie ended at 1.20am. I was freezing in the theatre despite a jacket (which is NOT a trash bag, so WL says. :@). Got lockedout of in the mall and we went detouring again. The mall is so huge, with its old and new wing, that I still can’t familiarize the way myself.

Not forgetting, the second supper. Guys, oh guys.


The last surviving people were WL, Ian, Tse Siong, Clement, Charles, Pam and I, and so they came down to the 3rd floor to our room to play Bang and Outlaw. Ended the night at 4am and slept til 10am.

Day 3

Ate only at 12.40pm because the guys were moping around and couldn’t get out of bed. But brunch was worth it, at Lavender.

IMG_6111 IMG_6104IMG_6132 IMG_6128

After a hearty brunch we set off for Camp 5! Finally got a membership card. Yippee.

IMG_6133 IMG_6135 IMG_6137 IMG_6142

Going high looking at our adult climbing playground.

IMG_6146 IMG_6147 IMG_6157

Jumping from different altitudes. So chaotic but oh! What joy!


Ian and Clement were lazing around the gym mostly. I miss the drive that the TJ guys have. 😦 The drive to push harder and climb more. I wish I can set an example like that too. Be crazy about climbing. But I couldn’t climb much with my toe and heel bunion. 😐

Hungry at 6pm, so we went for Rotiboy RM 2.20 (on a whim, thanks to me, I got 10. One for each of them). Clement got addicted to it since. Yay!


Cheap Fish and Co! RM22.5
IMG_6232 IMG_6233 IMG_6236

Continued high wall at night.

IMG_6237 IMG_6238

Dong dissed Mark when I said I benchmark him. He was so insistent on me doing certain routes that I had no confidence in that I caved. Turns out I could do it! Okay Dong, point taken.
IMG_6241 IMG_6250  IMG_6252

Top view of a portion of the boulder gym.


I love group shots, yay! Credits to Dong Hao who’s camera-shy. Haha.


The hungry kids went for ice cream and ramly burger while I settled for Magnum for RM 4.90. 😀 It was while waiting for their ramly burger orders that Tse Siong and I established brotherhood. It started with his “what’s up”s.  Found out he was health conscious too. He is SO funny when he’s sleepy because he starts talking to himself. Usually he is quiet in the day but at night, he starts making real comical expressions.

Ended the night watching Benny Lava and laughing at Dong’s laughing fit, playing Who What Huh? with beer and Somersby Apple Cider and having face cramps from laughing too hard.

My Adidas jacket got labelled a trash bag. Grrr.
2012-12-18 01.42.51 IMG-20121219-WA0010 IMG_6267

Day 4

Overslept and woke up 45 min after 10. Rushed our morning through and was out by 11, only to find out Charles and Ian are still asleep! Breakfast at the coffeeshop downstairs. I ordered Golden Egg Noodle.

IMG_6272 IMG_6273

Guess what? We met the taxi driver wrho ferried us to Nanyang on Day 2, Day 3 while on the way to One Utama, and today! He asked about MBS, exchanged contacts, and we took a group shot.


The afternoon was spent speed shopping and we went to climb only at 2.30. Had to stop at 4 to prepare for our quick dinner and departure. Couldn’t climb much because my fingers were raw, more so than having tired muscles. Realised natural rock is less demanding on strength. Played +1 where everyone would invent a new tile on a route, but I couldn’t make it pass the first few holds.

7pm the bus left. I was equipped with Rotiboy, 4 Lavender bread, a 4RM small satay chicken wrap. Had an interactive screen on every seat which has movies, music and games! I watched Salt and War of the Worlds, while stealing a bit of sleep here and there. One stopover, and here we are in Singapore at 12mn.

Couldn’t bear to see each other go, so we hung out at Starbucks until 6.30am. Ian started interrogating me because I said it’s such a waste of time to play Dota and how old are they already?! I got pressured because he asked really detailed question and even gave me a timeline on what I do in the holidays. Haha.

2012-12-19 02.47.09 2012-12-19 02.47.16 2012-12-19 02.47.26

We went one round, and then WL narrated his story of his collapsed lung (EWW!). The guys regaled stories of army, and I almost fell asleep halfway. But they started talking about first impressions and I woke up again. Couldn’t resist the 3 Lavender breads so I ate them for breakfast, leaving the cheese bread for Lin back at home.

Their first impressions of me was being a fierce, dao girl, especially when I’m climbing. I went missing for so many of the trainings (because of my twisted ankle!) so I don’t know much about what’s going on the team—the scandals, people’s vices, the people, activities going on.

We decided to watch Ah Boys To Men so after a morning deep sleep when we got back, we met up at night for the movie at Vivo!


Our official last post-trip outing. Really enjoyed everyone’s company! Pam tried to force-feed me into eating supper, making a joke out of me!

The next training on Friday @ Onsight saw Pam and I sharing our ugly histories in AHS and JC. We got to know each other in this 2 hours than on the trip together! Yay.



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