My NYC Itinerary.


Flying off 4 Dec 1310h


Arriving NYC 2110h


Leaving NYC 17 Dec 0020h


Arriving SIN 18 Dec 1205h


Residing in:

The Local Hostel

1302 44th Avenue • LIC, NY 11101


Companies visiting:

  1. Broadway League
  2. Ana Tzarov NY (TBC)
  3. BBDO NY
  4. Anomaly
    “There’s quite a strong culture here of people who are high on content, low on ego.”
    “We embrace conflict and love debates.”
  5. Siegel+Gale
  6. VaynerMedia
  7. Tumblr
  8. Clive Davis School of Recorded Music @ NYU
  9. Goldman Sachs
  10. Pentacle Danceworks (TBC)
  11. Mason Jar Music
  12. Google

When I received this list, I was mega stoked at some of the companies we’ll be visiting! Hell yeah! Couldn’t have done this without my Prof. I cannot wait!


Times Square.
Brooklyn Bridge.
Manhatten Bridge.
Central Park.
Empire State Building.
Chrystler Building.
Statue of Liberty.
The Met.
Rockefeller Center.


I’m excited. I’m petrified. I’m certain I’ll be able to draw inspiration from these companies I’ll be visiting. I am thrilled to get my very own shots of NYC. Hopeful of coming back with more creativity, more fashionable, more amazing pictures.

As this will be my first time visiting NYC (the States, in fact), I appreciate any advice about NYC! What are some of the must-sees and must-dos? :mrgreen:


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