Foods to Increase Mental Well-being


Optimism, happiness, self-esteem, resilience and good relationships with others are all part of good mental well-being.

Fruit and vegetable intake play a potential role as a driver, not just of physical, but also of mental well-being in the general population.

It is recommended to consume five to nine servings of fruits and vegetable per day.

10 tips for making it easier to incorporate fruits and vegetables into family meals and snacks:

  1. Wash and cut fresh vegetables after purchasing them. This makes it easier to grab-and-go during the week and reduces the risk they’ll be forgotten and go bad.
  2. Store fresh, frozen, canned and dried fruits and veggies in easy-to-see places in the refrigerator, pantry, shelves and countertops.
  3. Ditch the candy jar! Instead, keep a bowl of washed apples, oranges, bananas and other ready-to-eat fruits on the table.
  4. Have a sweet tooth? Try eating fruit with yogurt for dessert.
  5. Include a veggie tray with dip for a healthy before-dinner snack.
  6. Make a habit of including a side salad with a mix of leafy greens with dinner.
  7. Add veggies like spinach, tomatoes, peppers and avocado to sandwiches.
  8. Add veggies to your pizza.
  9. Make fruit smoothies for breakfast and snacks.
  10. Incorporate at least one serving of veggies and/or fruits into all snacks and meals throughout the day.

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