All I want for my 21st….

I don’t ask for much, & if you’ve read my post about saving up, you’ll know I’m self-funding my 2-week study trip to NY in Dec and 6-month exchange to France in Jan.

It’s exactly a month to my 21st birthday. I did a long deliberation on what I’d do for my 21st- a party? A staycation? A getaway? I’m already living my dream, being able to travel and go to Europe for exchange. So I thought… What better way to paint colour to my dream than to finally own a DSLR?


I’ve picked out Canon 100 D for its beginner-friendly controls, affordability and compact size!

I’d dreamt of owning a DSLR since years back, learning the controls, reading about the functions, researching on the models (my photography friends had to bear the brunt of my inquisition), witnessing the beauty it creates.. All without owning it. I’ve always enjoyed photography, as much as I’m clueless about it, making do with my compact camera during my photo walks around Singapore.

Because of my impending major trips to countries- continents in fact- that I’d never have dreamt of stepping foot in so early on in life, I want to capture every alley, every ray of light, every crevice of rock, and every nuance of emotion, as if I’ll never see them again.

As such, I’ve decided I would reward myself with a DSLR for my 21st. It’s an item I know I’d come to treasure for a long time, given my adventurous streak, and this would last way longer than spending extravagantly on a day that would soon come to pass. I’ve been saving up, trust me! I’ve said no to a new bag, a foam roller, lavish meals, yoga lessons :(, clothes, a party… Like I said, I don’t ask for much.

Of course I’m not indicating for anyone to get me one- it’s too costly for a gift. But if, I say IF, if you are looking to get me something for my 21st,  I would appreciate any gesture that can help ease my camera investment and travel expenses. Save on purchasing any embellishments for me. I’d much rather have your support towards my fundraising. 😀 Your support to my travel & photography endeavours could also come in the form of advice/ tips in New York/ Europe/ on photography.

I’ve decided to come up with this initiative because:

  1. I want to save the trouble of anyone racking their brains to find me a gift I might or might not come to fully appreciate.
  2. I hope to reach out to anyone who knows a thing about spending exchange in West Europe (France, UK, Spain, Amsterdam, Austria, Switzerland, Greece).
    I’ve got immense help from a couple of seniors like Flo, Wei Long, Faris, Pam, and French friends like Pauline, Oliver, Louis, Marie. I can’t be more grateful for their generosity.

Like everyone else’s 21st, I want to make mine memorable (humbly), and this gesture allows me to remember the kindness and goodwill that still exists in the world, and to remind myself not to take for granted the relationships that I have forged with people. 🙂

It’s only week 4 of school and already time seems to be running ahead of me. I’m preoccupied with churning out other ways to raise money (including freelance writing, selling 2nd hand products) to fund my ambitious trips & all the winter clothing that I’ll have to get, all while being focused on pulling my GPA up this semester.

I promised myself I’d focus fully on my studies, but 1 week into school & I realized I was a little too naive. I’m making an effort, controlling myself from over committing to work, minimising involvement in areas not within my responsibility (as a student, an employee, an exco, a friend) and valuing every available time I have (think commuting).

confused and overwhelmed

Reading this does not, in any way, come with obligation. In a way, I’m justifying why I’m running around from place to place and seeing me less around school, as well as aligning my goals for the semester. But if you’d like to show some support, feel free to drop me a message!

Have a good end of the week everyone!


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