Lola’s Cafe

24 May saw us gather together once again since the end of Year 2 Semester 2. Been dragging this meet since the end of our exams in end April. With each of us in our respective internships now, we all had stories to regale each other with.

Thanks to the recommendation of Jeannie, we came to Lola’s Cafe to try it out.


Even after I came from the school gym and was an hour late (they came at 11am), we still had to wait for another half hour or so. This shophouse space is way too small and the demand cannot meet eager patrons like us.

I noticed most of the patrons are youths, coming mainly because of the cafe-hopping craze. Didn’t take a picture of the furnishings because it’s way too packed, but it sure is cosy and the owners have made considerable effort in decorating it into a true blue cafe.

Famished and impatient, we quickly submitted our orders and the waiters returned faster than expected with our mouth-watering food! You can check out my food reviews here. Below shows more pictures of food to tantalise your taste buds and my chums with their expressions that try to mimic how they were feeling while eating the food.

IMG_9574 IMG_9571 IMG_9576 IMG_9569 IMG_9568 IMG_9563

Below shows a pair of matching watches by LJ and I! Thanks to her insider info, we got these petite classy Casio watches at a great deal of $18!



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