Hot Yoga LAVA

It’s the weekends and I finally have time for myself. What better way to care for my body than to attend a hot yoga this bright Saturday morning!

2014-05-31 10.46.42edit

Hot Yoga Lava, originating from Japan, is situated at I12 Katong, Level 4. They’ve only opened for a month now, and I am extremely fortunate to discover them.2014-05-31 09.23.56edit

Their studio is unbeknownst to most shoppers of I12 Katong, because it’s located right at the corner of the mall, where the outdoor water playground is.2014-05-31 09.24.04

Love their facilities because they are modern, spacious and clean! They provide 4-digit coded lockers, towels, a shower area, and basic grooming equipment. 2014-05-31 09.20.25edit

It was a perspiration-trickling 1 hour, where every single pore in my body contributed beads of perspiration. The session was a Vinyasa Flow Hot Yoga class. This class covers breathing awareness, a series of balance poses including basic yoga poses, with twisting and stretching moves as usual.

People I speak to always have the misconception that yoga is for the young, the flexible and the strong. They can’t be more wrong. People do yoga for various reasons- to increase flexibility, to improve posture, to recover from an injury or for active ageing.

image 2014-05-31 10.47.10edit

Ended the lesson with a group photo and also with my instructor, Janet. What a detoxifying start to the weekend!

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