Dear oh dear. I’ve had such an eventful post-exam week.

Wednesday 23 April:

Gym legs workout, which got my legs aching even 3 days after.

Dinner at To-gather Cafe at the block opposite where I live.

$8.90 for a Grilled Chicken chop, with free flow of iced water. We shared Oreo Cheesecake for $3.80.

Sauntered our way to Zouk. I’ve got parental consent this time round! Feel so liberated. Perks of being 21 this year. 😉
So… WL was complaining that his stamina is not as solid as before. Hehe.

2014-04-24 02.25.42

Taken when the Selfie song was playing. Haha. I like that this photo is so bright and clear despite the fuzzy lights in the club. 

Thursday 24 April:

Shopping for watches with WL at Bencoolen Street, thanks to Li Juan’s recommendation. Photo on 1-4-14 at 1.23 pm #2 Photo on 1-4-14 at 1.23 pm #3

Chanced upon this topic when we were surfing Naked Glory watches online in class one day.

2014-04-24 16.07.32

Was deciding between these 2. Mum and WL’s vote trumped mine so I chose their taste. Guess which I snapped for $18 in the end?

Caught a movie, Transcendence, at Orchard Cineleisure thereafter. Loved that the theatre was so empty on a weekday evening. Movie wasn’t my type though- neither a thriller nor suspense. 

WL finally had a taste of Koh Grill  & Sushi Bar @ Wisma and their signature sushi.

Felt so out of place as most of the crowd are working adults. :/ Makes me feel like I don’t deserve to be fine dining with my meagre part time work salary.

Friday 25/4:

Since we were unable to go camera-shopping on Thursday, we headed out early before training to Funan and Peninsula Plaza. I got my eye on Canon 700D, since it’s an apt DSLR for a beginner and also within budget, at $750. But… That’s subject to my parent’s partial 21st birthday sponsorship. Looking at how I’ve been spending $$ to no end these couple of days , I might not buy it after all… 😦

Saturday 26/4:

Woke up bright and early for yoga!

Cheryl and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Check out our pale but energized faces. 😀

2014-04-26 10.48.50

OH. I am probably being vain by saying this, but I FINALLY AM ABLE TO TIE A PRETTY BUN that stays up! How do you like my new bun look? Sure, I got nicknamed, but I still like how it stays. Granted, the question I pose is probably redundant. HAHA.

I finally bought the Lululemon bra at a marked down price of $55. Original price was $78. Can’t wait to show you how it looks. Black and blue stripes, it feels so beachy. Had my eye on it since last week!

Loving how Lululemon is having complimentary classes every weekend. I wouldn’t mind coming all the way down to Club Street just for an hour’s yoga every weekend. Love its proximity to Ann Siang Hill. Have a plan brewing to pull WL along for some photo-taking fun one of the weekends!

Met WL at Chinatown for him to buy his cloth to tailor puny pants for his puny ass. He brought me to the ‘60s shops that I never knew still existed in Singapore. Even the shop owners wear nonya-type clothes. Interesting! On hindsight, I wish I’d taken a picture of the shops.

Had my favourite dumplings at People’s Park Complex. I easily devoured 10 dumplings at one go. Still salivating at the thought of it… *slurps*

HOLY MOLY. I bought another sports bra at a whim when I saw that the Adidas model is going at only $39. It’s in hot orange! I knew I would cry if I don’t own it. 2 BRAS IN ONE DAY, AT MY OWN EXPENSE. I surprise myself.

WL, baffled, asked, “why do you have to get pretty sports bras when no one is going to see it anyway?”

“TO MAKE MYSELF FEEL GOOD.” Ultimate shopaholic answer. D: But I like to console myself by telling me that it is a worthwhile fitness investment! HEHE. 

Headed to school to pick up harness and then to Onsight to lead. Missed leading! Although the guys (WL, Himmy, Darrell) were drained from the previous day’s boulder session, I had quite a bit of energy in me (despite my aching traps). Granted, I hadn’t given my all during then.

I did:

  • Top rope- 6B
  • Lead- 6A, 6A+, 6B, 6B+, 6C

Onsighted them all except 6C, which I failed to complete. I’m on it I’m on it! I really need a belayer like Himmy & Breyon who doesn’t give two hoots about my fear of falling. Forces me to push on and to rest timely. More importantly, they force me to push myself or fall.

To wrap up my fitness achievement of the week:

  • Onsighted 6B+
  • Pull up max rep 10
  • Stuck to my goal of the week- to not purchase sweet drinks! (Y)

I have so many other fitness goals for the summer, such as:

  • yoga-
    • Bakasana (crow) pose (at the moment I can only lift 1 foot up. Need stronger arms for this!)
    • hand stand
    • astavakrasana pose (for now I can only lift up for 1 second before wavering. Can’t balance due to weak core!)
  • triceps- unassisted dips
  • quads- deadlift and barbell squats

So many goals, so little time, especially when I start on my internship. Training takes up 2-3 nights, gym duty takes up assuming 1 day a week… That leaves me with little time for date nights or home cooked dinners. 😦 Guess it’s time to implement meal preparation when my work routine has stabilised!

Ain’t looking forward to working ‘cuz it means less time to roam around, work my body and date. 😦


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