Lessons from NSBC



NSBC was held on 22 March, Saturday.

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I went into the competition ground with 0 expectations. Turned out I wowed myself!


Jon Hwa told me my decisive moves, planning before climbing and strategizing the order of routes were commendable.

I could have flashed all 5 routes (out of 8) if I went more forcefully on my very first move at my first attempt. Mental note!


As humble as socially acceptable standards say I should be, I’m flattered by Jon Song’s comments.

I try to keep these compliments close to heart to give me my much-needed confidence each time I compete.


Thank you Jon Song and Abel for the pictures. Thank you WL for the videos. I can’t post videos of myself climbing here (much rather, it’s too much of a hassle to), but you can pop over to my Instagram @mademoisellebel, or scroll through my FB feeds for a sneak peak.

What was significantly different from my other competitions was my reduced anxiety minutes before the competition, which stemmed from a lack of expectations. A good cure for the heebie-jeebies! Mental note!

My team’s encouragement works wonders. Spurred by them to stop idling and to flashing, I knew I didn’t want to disappoint and give up easily. I fondly remember my competition in J2 when Ashley, my then-TJCCC-senior, screamed so loudly “Allez Bel” that it boosted my courage tenfold and I managed to complete my last move. 😀 This memory is edged deeply.

All in all, I’d been satisfied with my performance at NSBC!


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