Bel’s 1st Flea.

30 March, the last Sunday of the month.

After postponing it from Feb, before PY flew off, all the way until now, I finally made this day happen.

So I became the salesperson for the first time. I must say, it takes a lot of effort to be one. It takes persistence to continue selling your items to others even when you feel discouraged when one walks away.

Recommended by Elisa and together with Anna, we forked out a Sunday to sell all our used items/ clothes.

2014-03-30 10.19.28 IMG-20140330-WA0002

Thanks to Daddy, he ferried us from home to AMK, carrying our load of clothes + hangers + clothes rack. He stayed throughout our duration there, from 0900-1500. Sometimes he’ll pop by and put his sales skills to use and start marketing our clothes for us. LOL. Once, he helped shelter us from the morning sun. (Stupid vendor purposely chose a spot that was in direct sunlight for us.)


2014-03-30 13.31.21

Thanks to Mummy who packed my accessories the day before and labelled all our prices together with me.

2014-03-29 15.09.42

I bought these 2 tops from Anna!

2014-03-30 14.08.23 2014-03-30 14.34.37

Made $71 from my sale. Spent $12 from Anna’s. Rent was $5 for the whole day, from 0900-1900.

Although we were exhausted by 1500 and left, I was pretty much fulfilled at my sale!

Things I learnt:

  • Most were looking for sizes bigger than ours.
  • Some looking for work clothes, which we lacked.
  • Parents looking to shop for little clothes/ toys for their children.
  • Our clothes on the rack made no sale at all.
  • Be approachable, not intimidating.
  • Sales is not cut out for me- it’s too much effort for my liking. I prefer a job with stable income. Heh!

Definitely a new experience and I am planning for the next one in May at Pasir Ris already! WL’s mum appeared keen to do this too. I found some old toys that I could put up to sell as well. 😀

Mummy voluntarily bought a clothes rack from Giant at < $10 recently. Yippee!


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