Cake Spade.


So in the midst of school, I received a message from Livy telling us that she’s coming by SG and would like to meet us!

Granted, together with Yi Qin & Yoecelyn, under YQ’s recommendation, we headed to Cake Spade @ Orchid Hotel!

It’s a small shop, but very young and atmosphere.

IMG_8456 IMG_8458IMG_8456

Our Nutella crumble.


We ordered Strawberry Tofu Cheesecake and Dark Choc Banana cake. These slices were too pretty to be eaten!

IMG_8453 IMG_8454

The only downside was that the seating was cramp though.

Presenting their menu!



It was a good but brief catch up, ‘cuz I had to go back to school for wall duty later that evening. YQ lost weight from too much cheer practice, Livy is eating more and happy in Auzzie, Yoe has enriched herself with food knowledge by taking Food Science in NUS. It seems all of us are doing well one way or another!


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