A climbing reminder – to not give up.

So my coach said he’ll put me in this program that’s targeting my strength.

I said, “very well, that’s what I need!”

He warned me that this training could make me break down.

I said, “how bad can it get?” with a scoff.

He smirked, “We’ll see.”

True to his word, I was supremely discouraged during my first training. Everyone else could finish the 2nd route in 5 attempts or less but I got stuck at a point where nobody even struggled with.

Then I remembered my earlier conversation with him, and I became determined not to give up or break down because I want to prove him wrong.

I once gave feedback on how the previous trainings didn’t complement my areas of weaknesses well and now that the new program is targeted at my weakness – strength, I repeatedly told myself, in between getting through uncompleted routes, that I will not give up or let this training or my time go to waste.

It helped in gritting my teeth and swallowing my pride to try the routes which I repeatedly failed in. Support from my mates helped. So thank you Darrell, YS and Pam for injecting the fight in me.

What’s the point of being in the team if I don’t fully utilise the training time? What’s the point of squeezing 7h of training weekly out from my busy schedule if I remain status quo?

Coach’s final words for the day taught me the recipe for making a breakthrough: you need to want to overcome your crux, then you’ll pinch harder, hook stronger, lock longer.

These snippets from my memory will serve as a reminder to me to take failure in stride.

& Never content with comfortable.


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