Blogging at 2am.


Feeling really active these days, thanks to the 1-week guest pass for 2 by FF @ The Cathay. Fantastic way to kick start the new year.

#1 Body Combat with PY on 31st Dec, Tue.This fiercely energetic programme is inspired by martial arts and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as Karate, Boxing, Taekwondo, Tai Chi and Muaythai.

Lots of jumping, punching, hooking and kicking involved.

#2 Body Balance with PY on Sat 4th at 10am. A fully integrated mind and body class that combines Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, Flexibility and Core Training. Love the music- it reminded us of our study playlist last semester.

Really like it ‘cuz it’s all about stretching. I still feel the effects of the stretch 2 days later. Not PY’s cup of tea though. Love that morning ‘cuz it was chilly and I felt refreshed after the class. Hence a pretty picture of us.


Never got  the chance to observe myself while I pull weights until I came here. I found muscles on me that I never knew I inhabited with. :O
Mental note: new year’s resolution is to tone up and let these muscles no longer have an excuse to hide. 😀

Just our fortune to meet Juniper while she’s at work.

2014-01-05 12.07.21

#3 Monday 6th with Joanne. It’s awesome that I can choose my workout buddies to invite. Work ended late so I only reached at 7.30pm. We did Body Combat again.

Toyed around a bit before heading for Ya Kun.

2014-01-06 21.02.31

Some useful stretching exercises we can incorporate to our warm ups/ cool downs that i found on their chart.

2014-01-06 21.19.12 2014-01-06 21.18.45 2014-01-06 21.18.39 2014-01-06 21.18.28 2014-01-06 21.18.22

Later found out that the 1-week pass means 7 times entry, and not limited to 7 calendar days. More chances at the gym. Hurray! Want to try out Zumba, and Pilates too.

Sunday’s 6km run with Rod after our SCS Workshop in the slight drizzle.


Here’s to the start of our (half) marathon training in March!
First run since school ended. Gasps. And I didn’t swim at all either. D:

Been consciously trying to eat better too. Am going to come up with a food list one of these days, just like how my running trainings for the next 7 weeks have been drawn up.

Just received an email tonight that class tomorrow is cancelled. So school starts on Wednesday and ends Thursday for me! All geared for the fresh new semester.

& Gravical in 4 days. Uh oh. Excited yet apprehensive.


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