Running Nuances.

5. I went running with PY today. So many signs that I’ve never noticed before look so pronounced today. The Christmas tree in the middle of nowhere, aeroplanes flying above me. They are telling me Christmas is coming and it’s the time to be on a vacation! Yes I can’t wait.

Good to be running with PY. She sure has stamina. She ain’t too fast. She doesn’t hold me back nor stress me out. She keeps me going when I feel like giving up. She is now my first official favourite girl running buddy.

It’s the second time I’m running with her, and am I glad she was willing to come over! Without her, it’d be 2 sedentary weeks of revising and working. The smell of wet dew invigorates me each time.

2013-11-17 18.11.49
During our 1st run last weekend!

Today’s run:

+1km, 6 min which is not accounted for here.

Last Sunday’s run:



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