When i finally managed to run after a gruelling 4 months of recuperation.

I was thrilled when I woke up this morning to find that my Achilles heel weren’t giving me nagging pains. I didn’t have to limp to the toilet. I knew I had to reunite with my running shoes then.

This is me feeling delighted that I can hit the tracks this morning.
2013-10-25 09.51.21

So much has changed in the 4 months since I hit this route. Budding flowers, dying sunflowers, the untended overgrown land now converted into a heavy vehicle carpark, a mini garden by the golf course…
2013-10-25 09.59.35

Really, This era is moving too fast for me. I want to do so much. But everything is moving so far ahead of me.

Even my English is failing me… Took me some effort just to write this simple post.

My progress. Reduced oxygen capacity and ability to dispel heat. I’m 2km slower than when I last checked in on Jan 2013.



Still, I’m proud of me legs that the pricking pain didn’t stop me halfway. If anything, it was the glutes, hamstring and quads that hurt with each step I take, because of the legs workout at the gym with Jo & PY yesterday.

Oh yeah, and I stretched. Before and after. I’ve learned my lesson. Of not doing warm ups and cool downs. Please please please. If you’re a runner, do your stretching exercises properly. Don’t regret when you get injured.

Climbing trials tonight. I feel my adrenaline coming back already.



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