My First “2”.


It’s going to be a different year this time.

So I decided to do something different.

Instead of blowing candles and making wishes, I’ll blow them and pay a tribute to the miracles that has happened in my life.

– Thank you for my family. They are all in one piece, pink in health. As frustrating they can be sometimes, I’m thankful we’re still all together and I still come back to them everyday.

– Thankful to be in SMU. I love the freedom we get, the people I meet. Not too hectic yet not too playful. I love that I’m in SOSS, because everyone knows everyone and you say hi to everyone in the corridor when you walk past them. Speaking of which, after a couple of rejections, I finally agreed to play for them at Grab Huck Score this Sat!

I’ve been really fortunate for the friends I’ve made from 2012 until today. Adeline celebrated my birthday last year and this. Gone were the days my heart shrank every year when I had nothing to look forward to.

20131010_181706 sushi airway
Sushi Airways participating on Restaurant Week.

I received another specially delivered card from a 7-year-old friend. Classmates in Sec 1, we had a love-hate (in secret) relationship. So glad SMU and Climb Team brought us together once again. I’ve watched her change so much, sometimes it’s hard to believe who she has become now. Nevertheless, this came totally unexpected. Love you for the thoughtfulness, Jov. ❤


People like 2013-09-06 15.40.43 and , they simply enrich my life because they show me my worth as more than just a mere friend and make school and CCA such an enjoyable place to be in. They make you feel important and cherished. They don’t tell you you’ve touched their lives. They show you. Thank you for being such lovely chums. You bring out the best in me.

– Thank you for my health. I have 4 functional limbs that allow me to run, walk, climb, swim and do basic things without struggle. After surviving a couple of injuries in the last year (rope burn, Achilles tendinitis, twisted ankle), I know what it feels to be maimed. I’m thankful I haven’t suffered from any serious injury or contracted any terminal virus.

Especially lucky that I didn’t contract chicken pox from Lin even when we’re staying under one roof.

Just visited Jem at Gleneagle’s Hospital today.

20131010_164557 20131010_164543 20131010_164902
Hope he gets well soon. It must be awful to have nothing to do but brood over pain.

– Last but not least, HOWL.
aka needy clingy attached emotional.
Otherwise known as caring sensitive lovely thoughtful. And every other adjective that is synonymous with love. Never once a dull moment, never once a disappointment. Especially grateful that he tries his best to be understanding and gives me free reign when I need to. Means a lot to a free-spirited,

I know I’m going to love whatever he has set out for me today.


The other difference is, I’m going to set up resolutions for the start of my year as a twentieth.

  1. I will try harder. I will put in my best effort. I will say “one more time” before I give up.
  2. I will climb hard and run hard in the next 365 days.
  3. I will be a better friend. I will do more for others.
  4. I will pay more attention to myself. Listen to my body and nourish it with what it needs.
  5. Give without expecting. I can’t be a total altruist, but I’m telling you, I’ll make the effort to give more.
  6. Take control of my life. Be more independent. Control my meals, my decisions.
  7. Be more forward-thinking, less impulsive. More mature.
  8. Walk on the edge. Stay young.

;I love autumn. I love orange. I love rustic.


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