7 Ways to Push Past Your Limits and Realize Your Goals

The only thing stopping you from reaching your goals and dreams are your limits. It’s when you meet your limits that you feel resistance and things you want seem harder to achieve. Whether it is fear, doubt, physical abilities or some other mental block, it can present a huge barrier to getting what you want.

Unfortunately most people can’t work past their limits and give up. So how far you get in reaching your dreams is very dependent on how good you are at overcoming this obstacle. Fail to push past your limits and you’ll leave your dreams unrealized. Work through them and you can make any dream or goal a reality.

Pushing Past Your Limits

A few years ago I decided to go to the gym on a regular basis. In order to build the muscle I wanted, I would regularly lift weights, do my cardio and eat well. I made a lot of progress at first, but eventually I met resistance and my exercise goals became harder to attain. I had reached my limit.

What happened was I had become complacent in my exercise routine by lifting with the same amount of weight and reps every single time I went to the gym. Looking back on it now, I can definitely see why I wasn’t making any progress. Only after increasing the weight and pushing myself to work harder was I able to take my weight-lifting goals to the next level.

I think this situation is similar to the trouble most people have in achieving their goals and dreams. No matter what you want to achieve, you’re going to eventually reach your limits and make little or no progress. You just need to make sure you’re taking the necessary action to make sure your limits don’t become a big problem.

Here are seven things you can do to push past your limits.

1. Find someone to help push you

Just that little bit of support encouraging you to keep going in the face of resistance can mean so much. Having someone on your side can counter-balance any negative thinking you might have. They can tell you to do more and push you into doing things outside of your comfort zone.

2. Take on a little more than you think you can

Pushing past your limits means taking on newer, progressively harder challenges. If you’re not challenging yourself to do bigger and better things on a regular basis, you’re only working within the confines of what you already can do. That’s a sure-fire way to stay exactly where you are and make little to no progress.

3. Imagine reaching your next level

Working on your dreams or goals can take a lot of focus. Where you put that focus matters a lot. You might know where you are and where you were, but do you know where you need to go? Imagine that next level for reaching your dreams and take steps to get there.

4. Look at how others reached where you want to go

Whatever your goals are, there are probably others who have had them and succeeded in reaching them. Look to them for clues on what they did to push past their limits on their way to success. You’ll probably find a lot of great information from examining the path they took.

5. Inspire yourself to action

Find something that inspires you to reach your goals. Whether it is a video, quote or thought that inspires you to succeed, it should be something that fills you with passion and drive to get things done. Inspiration can be a powerful motivational tool.

6. Don’t stop until exhaustion

I’ve been known to push myself so hard that I reach exhaustion. Each time I work out, I try to lift with more weight. I’ve worked on this blog for endless hours to get the HTML formatting and design just the way I want them to be. These tasks exhausted me, but they were completely necessary for me to reach my goals.

7. Work on your weaknesses

Where there are weaknesses, there are limits. Think about a marathon runner. They won’t be able to train very well for a marathon if they can’t find a good running stride or have bad nutrition. These are big areas of weakness that just makes training harder. Without correction, your weaknesses will limit how far you can take yourself.

Breaking Down Your Barriers

In order to reach your dreams or goals, you need to push through your limits and past your comfort zone. There are no shortcuts. Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. That’s been my personal motto for success in life. It’s my way of reminding me to constantly push myself and not settle for average.

When you’re facing your limits and you feel that resistance, it can seem hard to overcome. But just by pushing yourself a little harder, you can really accomplish some great things. And the funny thing is that once you do, you can look back and wonder just why you ever thought it was that difficult to begin with. Don’t let limits stop you from doing anything.


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