City run!


Major accomplishment on Monday:

-I ran from SMU for the first time and explored the city route.

-I finally fulfilled my long due wish to run along Singapore river along with experts living in the region.

-I found a schoolbuddy to run long d with, who can push me beyond my comfortable limits.

-I fully made use of the night to recharge my body by running (ironically) and pumping it with endorphins, instead of settling for the couch and munching love letters. Monday blues no more!

-Finally an hour of solid running after my 2-week hiatus.

-My pace for a first run since 2 weeks of inactivity is better than expected (7km/h).

I foresee a busy and fulfilling week ahead with Kaylee, Salsa, Wen Fei, gym and The Rock School. Hopefully I can fit in alternate day runs. It’s time I made a comeback!


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