how to stop eating when you’re NOT hungry

1) brush your teeth after eating. the mint taste in your mouth makes you put off eating.

2) eat out of a bowl instead of a bag of chips or a carton of ice cream.

3) before you head for the next snack you can think of, drink water! makes you feel fuller

4) to keep your hands busy while watching tv, instead of eating popcorn, text or paint your nails.

5) stay away from the kitchen. stay in your room. if there’s a temptation to snack, keep yourself busy and away from thinking about food by cleaning your room, blasting the music, catch up with a friend, etc.

6) snack on filling, nutritious food. brocolli, carrots, nuts, eggs, pumpkin, grapes, berries to name a few.



I have submitted a health article for the Univantage magazine. Look out for it in the next issue when school reopens! Can’t wait!


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