Just Groovin’.

Friday 7 Dec—Gym
2012-12-07 17.14.16

Sunday 9 Dec—Run

Monday 10 Dec—Gym 
2012-12-10 18.44.55

Tuesday 11 Dec—Climb

Wednesday 12 Dec—Run

I had an unexpected visitor that day.
2012-12-12 15.59.242012-12-12 15.59.14 

Thursday 13 Dec—Climb

Saturday 15 Dec to Tuesday 18 Dec—KL Batu Caves Climbing Trip!

I’m less afraid of my safety than to have an unspoilt cordial relationship with everyone. No déjà vu please please please.


Have been out and about, as resolved, since exams ended, with no more than 1 day of rest and getting accustomed to body aches. I’m not going to break the routine now that I’ve begun working out daily for the past week. No visible changes (except for raw fingers and toes) but I feel more in control of my diet now! >:) Be posting my progress for the month..! Hope this motivates you.

Have you been movin’ about? 🙂


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