These are the pictures that have made my camera uploads burgeon!

See the bruise I got from playing Frisbee? What a thrill to be throwing after a long hiatus!
2012-11-22 22.17.57

Duck Pizza @ Marche Bistro, Raffles City with the Frisbee group! They are such a funny bunch! Good on the eyes to boot. 😉 enjoy my time with them although I don’t have a place in their hearts yet (due to my irregular absences)!
2012-11-23 19.59.403445_10151196522922886_1002761845_n 399357_10151196531997886_2029009528_n3462_10151196527217886_715679768_n

While learning about Airbus in my TWC mod, I spontaneously grabbed sis to play Battleship with me.
2012-11-30 22.56.58

Crazy night staying up til 2am in the morning in school studying Stats with Jon! Self-proclaimed cool fella who bugs me to gym all day and study stats all night. Claims he hangs out with cool people only. 😉 *ego boost!*
2012-12-02 01.29.32 2012-12-02 00.31.30 2012-12-02 00.36.51 2012-12-02 01.29.21

Mango sticky rice! I miss Phuket and our raves about this when Adel and I were there!2012-12-01 18.35.28

Highlight of the month: Mr Cheng’s wedding matrimony! How honoured to have him invite our class of 21/10. A perfect reason for a class reunion too!

It was beyond awesome to be catching up on the life of people in NUS, NTU, and ARMY. Haha! Damn. Can’t describe how much I miss LIvy and Serene and co.!

A matrimony, as always, very heartfelt, very touching. :’)
 2012-12-05 23.06.16 2012-12-05 18.45.35 2012-12-05 18.45.40 2012-12-05 20.30.25   598406_10151265570506435_1752285613_n 59591_10151265570466435_1086395312_n 480364_4506887543599_478507922_n 228328_4832874897503_1068846738_n 252274_4832870657397_825171624_n

Joke of the day:
2012-12-02 15.25.46 2012-12-02 15.26.03

These are the works of the Frisbee people. Can’t help but comment how adorable they can be.



And finally with the added gay element:


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