Microwave Fiasco!

So since school’s out for revision couple of weeks back, I decided to invest time in making a healthy lunch for myself so here’s one of my classic lunch favourites that’s quick and easy:

2012-11-20 14.47.36

The other day I burnt a mooncake while trying to heat it up in the microwave due to some setting error. It turned out…mouldy. Flaky all over. You wouldn’t want to see how it looks.

Then this day, I was craving for some egg so I told Dad to do up a semi-hard boiled egg. He undercooked it, so he went to microwave it. I should have thought better of it…

2012-11-21 16.22.14

It exploded upon touch and that’s what it looked in the aftermath. Kitchen joke of the day, no kidding!

What a father..!


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