Adidas King of The Road

28 October
01:57:51 (Slightly less than 7min/km.)
Gardens By The Bay

It was by a twist of luck that I ran KOTR. I never planned on running this. I thought my Nike run was more than I could ask for, but who knew, 4 days before this run I was informed cuzzie Nick couldn’t run because of his butt operation. So I more than keenly took over his spot!

Apart from wearing a male’s bib, I was comfortable with myself. (If only I could keep the shirt for memento…) We set off at roughly half past 7, passing by Kallang River, Nicoll Highway (all 3 runs I had never failed to make use of this long slope), F1 Pit (most scorching route ever), Helix Bridge, MBS Shoppes, etc. 

Count myself lucky to have found company to do the race with. Relished the old times. The last time we properly chatted was 3 years ago.

2012-10-28 10.05.27 2012-10-28 10.27.032012-10-28 10.08.38   2012-10-28 10.27.42 2012-10-28 10.27.50 2012-10-28 10.29.20 2012-10-28 10.29.34 2012-10-28 07.28.09 2012-10-28 07.28.31 2012-10-28 07.34.21 2012-10-28 07.42.22

Bumped into couple of old friends, including Ci Hui, Guo Dong,  Eng Swee and Zhi Heng.
2012-10-28 10.10.24

Was a good record unleashed despite the merciless sun beating down on my back.

What I took back from this run was, I need a buddy-in-hand to push me to the finishing point! This time, unlike others, I kept giving myself leeway and stopping to walk towards the end, instead of pushing it through. 😡

Apart from the slight tan, I suffered from calf tightness in my post-run for 2 days despite my stretches. Funny how during my Nike run, what hurt wasn’t my usual shin nor my knees, but my quarts.

By another stroke of luck, when I went to the campus clinic to see doctor to get MC on Monday and some medicine for my throat inflammation, the doctor prescribed some muscle relief pills for me too! Heheh.

I’m ready for a half marathon next year now. Way to go!


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