Nike 10km on 21 Oct.

I never thought I’d be running this run since I made it a deal to run once a year and increase my mileage each time I do.


  1. 10km 2010 TJC Duathlon
  2. 12 km 2011 Passion Run
  3. 15 km 2012 2XU
  4. 10 km 2012 Nike Run

This time, I was roped in by ME under the buddy package ($30 per pax). Quite a good deal, and how since when do I turn down a public run?!
2012-10-21 10.46.13

It was always against my parents idea to pay for a run when you can easily lace up and run downstairs (much as they are against me climbing competitively)— all in the name of safety. But hey! What do they know about unlocking personal achievements? To me, this money is well worth it. You get the shirt and you get the medal for remembrance, to testify how far you’ve gone.


  2012-10-11 16.10.10 

It was nice bumping into old school mates.
2012-10-21 09.23.23 2012-10-21 09.29.04 2012-10-21 10.04.59

The truck which loaded our bags. My first encounter with a portable baggage deposit.
2012-10-21 07.20.072012-10-21 09.59.52

RECORD: 10km in 1h7min.

Personally, I was disappointed with my timing. Usually I’d be happy breaking a distance record but since this was a shorter run, I had aimed to break my timing record, at 50min. I was truly convinced during the training run, when I did 7km in 31 min, that I could do it within 50min.

My complacency, the narrow roads, the delay in gun time, the overpopulated run contributed to my lacklustre performance.

For that, I was determined to run more. So on the Thursday that followed, I hit the gym (much to Jonathan Yong’s persistence) and ran for 50 min. I covered 7km. It’s different running on a machine than on a trail (and I much prefer hitting outdoors), but it was a feat because usually when I’m on the treadmill I don’t go beyond 30min! Add to the fact that I went climbing that night. I deserve a pat on the back!


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