Intuitive eating is hard.
Don’t let anyone trick you into thinking otherwise. But it’s worth it.
I promise.

 But back to the “hard” part…

You hear the word “intuitive” and well, it sure makes it sound like it would just come naturally. To simply eat when hungry. And to not eat when not hungry.

But then things like cravings, PMS-induced or run-induced hungry horrors attack, and plain old temptations arise.

Now what? You might not be hungry, but intuitively, you want to eat, because well – eating is enjoyable. Let’s be honest about that.

But eating “just to eat” versus eating to satisfy a hunger pang are two very different things. Hence why I say intuitive eating is hard. It’s definitely much more of a learned behavior than you’d assume. At least it is for me. But I’m being real here – as I always am – when I say…

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