Today is a new day, just keep improving!


Sundown has just ended in Singapore, all through last night ‘til the wee morning today. Although I didn’t take part in this race, I wish I did. Seeing the finisher shirt makes me wish I owned one.

The runs that I’ve set my sights on as of now are:

  • Standard Chartered
  • Adidas Sundown

Half marathon is next up on my agenda for the next year, of if I meet an enthusiastic runner towards the end of the year, then this could possibly come true sooner. That is followed by a full marathon the following year. I’ve entertained myself thoughts of taking part in a biathlon or triathlon, but those are just fluid thoughts. Wait ‘til I bump into lady luck a.k.a. get acquainted with an athlete friend bold enough to take part in them with me.


I’ve been watching myself around food more closely lately, and here’s my latest report:

  1. Temptations > Cravings.
    Try as I might to bring healthy snacks to work for emergency when my snack craving comes, I am unable to resist the temptation of sweet snacks (chocolates, biscuits, sweets) even when I have an apple in hand! I can eat and eat and eat all day regardless of how filled my stomach is as long as it’s right in front of me. Get rid of it? I tried, but how can you get rid of communal food (be it at home or at the office), or food that has been offered to you? Tried to warn myself about getting tooth decay and the price to pay for getting fillings filled. It does have its minutiae effect on my self-control, but when the carrot is offered to the rabbit, the rabbit’s mind shuts down. That’s the way it is, isn’t it?
  2. Been eating lunch at 12 sharp due to standard office hours. Today when my lunch was scheduled at 1, I could hear my stomach growling in protest from noon onwards. Good to have regular meal (& snack) times I suppose.  Mental note: Establish a timetable, a routine.
  3. By right we’re supposed to eat like a king for breakfast, like a queen for lunch, and like a pauper at dinner. However, giving myself the liberty to eat more at breakfast isn’t helping me eat little for dinner. If it’s supposed to keep me sustained for the day, it’s not working. In fact, if anything, it whets my appetite for the day.
  4. Watching t.v. = looking for something to munch on.
  5. Reaching home = Eat. It’s like eating helps me to relax and at home.
  6. Once I start on something sweet, hormones egg me on deeper. I can’t stop. I’m going ballistic. Mental note: Never begin.


A lot of my vices point to food habits, especially point 4 and 5. How do you break a habit? How do you overcome temptations?


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