8 Concise Tips For A Flat Stomach I’ve Never Heard Of.

  1. Drink water before and after every meal. It fills you up. Water combines with the food and makes you feel full. This makes you eat less. Also, water flushes food through, starting your digestive process faster.
  2. Do abs exercises every day on top of other cardio exercises that you do e.g. yoga/ run. 100-300 quality reps. A little is better than none. Ankle lifts, bicycle, crunches exercises… The tighter your abs are, the more it’s going to hold the stomach in. So, the smaller your stomach, the less you eat to fill your stomach up!
  3. *Attested Golden Rule* Do not eat 3-4 hours before bed time. We do not require calories when we sleep. Eating before bed will disrupt your sleep as your stomach is busy storing the food that you ate before sleep into liver as glycogen. Glycogen turns into fat eventually making you gain weight. When your stomach does not need to try to digest food, it results in better sleep, better health and so better weight!
  4. Wear tight clothes, but not tight pants because it will constrict your stomach. Food will not be able to go down and digest. Tight clothes make you more aware of your body. It makes you suck in your stomach, which makes you work out all day long without trying. Loose clothes may subconsciously make you want to fill up your stomach.
  5. Avoid sugars and whites. Sugars are converted into glycogen and if you don’t burn it straight away, it turns into fat. Sugar attracts water, causing bloating, resulting in water weight. Opt for protein instead of sugar for the same amount of calories as protein keeps you fuller while sugar causes added water weight.
  6. Do not eat an amount larger than a ball fist of size each time, which is the size of a stomach. Stomach stretches when you eat. Eating a ball of fist worth of food every few hours is better than eating 3 huge meals as the huge meals stretches your stomach and a bump appears. Eating little but regularly also increases your metabolism.
  7. 2-3 days before a big meal, try to go on a liquid diet. Soups, protein milk etc. while avoiding sugar. It will help your stomach stay flat.
  8. Rub your stomach after every meal – it aids digestion! Place one palm on your abdomen and move in clockwise circles. This is the same direction in which food travels through your intestines.
  9. Eat apples every day. They’re a good source of fibre that contributes to a feeling of fullness.


Interesting huh? And they do make sense too don’t you think? 😉


7 thoughts on “8 Concise Tips For A Flat Stomach I’ve Never Heard Of.

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