Run/ Cycle with Otosan @ ECP

13/2, Monday, I went to ECP with Otosan. The weather turned ugly, but it lightened thanks to our perseverance. Cool after-rain weather 🙂 Made him rent a $6 bike for 2 hours to get his muscles workin’ a ‘lil, while I ran. We ran from the bicycle kiosk to Bedok PCN underpass.

: 40minutes, 5 km.


15/2, Wednesday, ECP with Otosan again! Same thing, except we ran the other direction towards Area A, which was 3.5km. Did a loop back to the bicycle kiosk. Although running for 60 minutes non-stop was one big leap, I could have covered further if not for the sunny skies and the short loop. Bad idea. Should go with the direction towards Bedok PCN the next round, and do a loop without stopping. 😀

: 60 minutes, 7 km.


Target: 10km @ ECP!


15km, 2XU, 1 April, here I come!
Allez Bel~!


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