Why We Eat The Foods We Do

1. Taste Rules

The main reason we choose a particular food is because we like the way it tastes.

But it is possible to teach yourself to love the taste of healthier foods as an adult. Learning to enjoy "the taste of eating right" takes time and perseverance. It also helps to know easy, healthy cooking techniques.

2. Favorite Foods

Ask most any expert about the secret to weight loss, and you”ll hear that it”s essential to keep favorite foods as part of a healthy diet.

It”s human nature: As soon as you attach denial to a particular food, it becomes an obsession. And it doesn”t take a rocket scientist to know that being obsessed with food is no good for weight loss.

No one wants to give up their favorite foods. We know you need your favorite foods; it”s your job to be responsible in terms of how often and how much you eat them (unless these favorites happen to be low-calorie fruits and vegetables).

3. Eating With Your Eyes

It”s not uncommon to be disconnected to your hunger center, and to instead ""eat with your eyes."" Sometimes, wanting to eat something is all about how yummy it looks.

4. Cost and Convenience

The good news is that you can stretch your food dollars even when you’re crunched for time. Quick-serve restaurants abound; you can always find a nutritious soup, salad, or grilled chicken sandwich that won’t sabotage your diet.

5. Personality Type

Each of us is different, and how we approach change varies with our personality types. Some WLC members prefer the flexibility to move foods around to accommodate hunger and changing schedules. Others want a specific detailed list of foods to eat and avoid. Some people simply need to stay the course exactly; left with too many decisions, they overeat.

Knowing your "diet personality" will offer insight into why you make some of your food choices. Ultimately, you decide which approach works best to help you control the type and quantity of food you consume.

6. Too Many Choices!

My mantra is "never go to buffet restaurants." No matter how hard I try, I end up wanting to sample "just a bite" of virtually everything on the buffet. I end up eating way too many calories, when quite frankly, I would have been just as satisfied with a soup and salad.

Studies suggest that the greater the variety of food offered, the more we tend to eat. Add more choices, and consumption increases by an average of 25%. In contrast, monotonous meals don’t usually lead to overeating.

Maybe it’s just a matter of curiosity. Keep the variety of foods at any particular meal to a minimum, and it may help you resist the temptation to overeat.

7. Social Settings

Typically, we eat more when we eat meals away from home and in the company of others.

Likewise, when you dine with health-conscious friends and family, you are influenced to eat more nutritiously. Do yourself a favor, and, whenever you can, surround yourself with people who value healthy cuisine.


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