Working out the workout secrets


While many people find running tedious and monotonous, truthfully, it actually burns some serious fat. This is because running is a weight bearing activity that uses up a lot of energy.

Because of this, your body will do its best and try to make it easier for you by shedding kilos. Therefore, try to build up the intensity of your run over time for the maximum results. Most trainers recommend increasing the intensity of your workout to see improvement in your strength and aerobic capability.

Interval training

“Alternating between running or exercising hard for ten minutes and then easing up or walking at a fast pace for ten minutes, will help you to lose more fat than continuous exercise,” explains Dr. Newton, a professor of exercise and sports science at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia, which “can be applied to any sport such as swimming, cycling and even team sports.”

The reason for this is that you are making the body work harder, as you are constantly raising and then lowering the heart rate.

When your body switches between overdrive and then returning to normal and back again, you will not only see a large increase in your fitness endurance but also pounds falling off. By varying the intensity of your aerobic workout to challenge your body, instead of loafing in your comfort zone, it will enable quicker results.

Body and mind

On its own, your body is naturally conservative when you ask it to do something. If you lift a weight, your body recruits just enough muscle to do it safely, but not necessarily heroically. So when you want to outperform yourself, you have to fool the body into recruiting more muscle, which you can do with your mind.

If you think you can’t run a seven-minute mile, for instance, your body begins to switch off your muscles, leaving you weak and fatigued. But if you think positively, your body will recruit more muscles to do it.


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