How To Decrease Your Appetite

Let’s say you’ve already had a healthy balanced meal so that you’re not hungry (hunger is a physical phenomenon and tells the body “I need food for survival”), but your appetite (appetite is a psychological phenomenon and is about “I want food” because it tastes great) get stirred up. That means you should be fine but you’re getting tempted. Here are a few things you can do to quell appetite and rein in over eating:
1) Brush your teeth and/or use mouth wash. That’ll take the tastiness out of most foods.
2) If you have to have something, eat something that expands your stmach with few calories— a low cal soup, lots of veggies.
3) Stay completely away from any sugary foods. The refined sugar will cause your insulin to spike and you’ll end up with a ravenous appetite for more. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!
4) Get plenty of sleep! This keeps the levels of leptin (a hormone that helps you feel satisfied) high to help control appetite.
Good luck! Dr Peeke


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