Struggle #1

It is whenever I sit in front of the tv watching shows that my eyes wander habitually to whatever food I can find on the table. My mind subconsciously picks out sinful foods to munch on to accompany the television-watching, a bad vice. Worse thing is, it happens at night, after 8. By my rules, no food is meant to be consumed after 8, what’s more sinful foods!

I have read from every food article that I should keep a food journal and dictate the food i eat, the feelings upon consumption, and what made me feel like craving for food. I ought to start it some time soon, but the holidays are pulling me toward the lazy side- I feel sluggish when it comes to exercising, calling my friends up to chat and meet up, and I’d think nothing when it comes to pinching for food ‘cuz it’s just SO accesible.

Yet what I desire is to find some friends to try something new, have fun at their houses, party all night long, exercise every day (or at least, every other day), take control of my own meals (instead of having Mum cook curry chicken for us or white rice), experiment healthy-cooking with like-minded friends, try out new exercises with people, SOCIALISE!

It never fails to amuse me how I, more often than I realise, wish for someone to come knock on my life, ask me out and try new things together, and they almost NEVER come. Yet those that do ask me out are those that are physically unappealing, or socially boring. So thus, I didn’t agree to them. 😛

Do you call this haughty or overbearing or lacking in social skills and the fun factor?

Oops, seems like i diverged the topic. I’m fighting hard to remember the last time I blogged my thoughts, ‘cuz it seems that my grammar and vocab is failing me.


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